Welcome to the Warren Woods Tower Job Board! Brought to you by the WWT Job Committee. As part of Mr. Henshaw's Student-Leadership class, our mission is to make the job-search process easier and less intimidating for students. Happy job hunting!

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Information on the jobs will include distance from WWT, wage, as well as a direct link to the company's application.

Last Updated 06/07/21

Find out more about your rights and requirements!

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WWT Job Board

EmployerPositionStarting WageDistance From WWTDate PostedLink To Apply
UPSPart-Time$19.50/hr7.8 miles06/07APPLY!
AldiPart-Time Associate$14/hr4.4 miles06/07APPLY!
Tropical Smoothie CafeAll Positions$10 - $13/hr4.5 miles06/07APPLY!
Shake ShackTeam MemberTBD14 miles06/07APPLY!

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The More You Know...

General Work Requirements

  • The state of Michigan requires you to be [14 and 9 months]before you are eligible to work

  • You cannot work more than 10 hours collectively in a day, 6 days collectively in a week, and/or while school is in session

  • If you are 16 or younger, you are prohibited from working before 7:00am and past 9:00pm

  • If you are 17 years old, you are prohibited from working before 6:00am and past 10:30pm

  • You will need a work permit signed by both your job management and a school administrator before your first day on the job

Know Your Rights!

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